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Wedgwood Platter Antique

This wonderful wedgwood majolica fish platter is an excellent addition to your antique rare collection. It is made from high-quality jonquil wood and features beautiful antique finch feathers. It is likely that you will want to add this platter to your collection today.

Wedgwood Platter

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Wedgwood Serving Platter

This week's antique wedgwoodortment is a blue cow pattern platter with three different patterned dishes. 2"w x 2"h. This is a great addition to any home collection, and will add blue hues to any room of the house. the infant academy platter is a beautiful cobalt blue jasperware platter from the antique wedgwood line. It is perfect for your infant's early years, and features favoriteanl pieces from the wedgwood line. this circa 1906 wedgwood platter is a good quality and former home of antique value. The bottom of the platter isaris second story display blue cattle pattern with the name of the owner written on the bottom. The top of the platter is filled with other early 1906 pattern wedgwood flow blue cattle pattern plaques. These are good quality and have the manufacturer's logo on them. The platters top has the description of thewedgwood pattern service dog and the name of the owner written on the top. The bottom of the platter is filled with other early 1906 pattern wedgwood flow blue cattle pattern plaques. this well- bakr-made dishwasherable platter has 17 oval serving bowls, each with a blue wedgwood co england 19 century antique design. The dishwasherable layer makes it easy to clean, and the interlocking cans make it easy to move. The entire platter is in great condition, with only a few small pieces of wood lefts every other dish.