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Vintage Pyrex Serving Platter

This corelle serving platter is a 12 o'clock that would be perfect for a special occasion. The patterns and colors areaccompanying the cookery book, and made of plastic pyrex corning vintage. It has a 12 o'clock date stamp and is inches) wide. It is covered in a bright, strong gold leaf and isbeautiful as is. Thisecommerceitem has a low price for only $49.

Pyrex Serving Platter

My first meal in europe was inpyrex, and I have to say, it was a great experience. The food was delicious, and the staff was extra-friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a great meal.

Vintage Pyrex Serving Platter Walmart

This beautiful, vintage pyrex serving platter is a great addition to any meal. Reputed as the best quality and most durable platterware on the market, this set includes a variety of food items such as fish, chicken, andbreakfast items. The beautiful gold layercoating ensures that your food never gets off the table. this beautiful vintage pyrex serving platter is gently used but still has the look and feel of the old school. It has a beautiful butterfly gold design and is still in great condition. It is also still serveing with great condition. This platter is a great value for your home and is still in great condition for it. this vintage pyrex serving platter has a blue glass dome in the center and a258ovenware code. It is orignially covered in old runes and there are several fresh ones on the surface. The overall design is well-made and the elements are well-applied to one another. The black and white design is a good match for the surrounding colors and the 812 ovenware code is a good match for the model. this highly collectible and valuable vintage pyrex serving platter is perfect for any home cook. The 4 saucers symbolize the four elements of life - food and drink, and are complete with just one serving plate. The platter also features a beautiful blue delayite piecrust. This piece is in great condition and is perfect for any home cook.