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The Platters

This is the classic album that has it all: the big band, the romantic sounds, and the amazing rock songs. It's been said that the album was created in 1960 and first released that year on mercury record pop records. The platters continued to release albums until 1970, with the exception of one interscope release in 1984. This 1960 lp has a big band and romantic sound with 12 songs. It's a great record for rock fans and will add to your rock collection.

The Platters Amazon

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The platters are back with their 20th century masters! This new cd offers a great selection of their music, including some new songs and some classics. The platters have return to their old uniform and darlings 2 covers and offer their own original song performance. This cd is the perfect way to start your music collection! the platters is made of high-quality, durable vinyl. Every track on this album is original and originality is guaranteed. Platters is the best of new vinyl record. Holland - import. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase their hit records new lp in order to ensure you have always access to your favorite content. The platters remember when we were younger and things were simpler. We would go to the park and play in the park. We would listen to the music and talk about what we were getting up to. Now, we have children and things have become more serious. We remember the years we spent playing and the days we spent stored up music. This is a great record album for the platters who remember the time before social media and easy access to music.