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Platter White

This white platter with gold electroplated rim is perfect for any creative effect you need to put on your images. Add in some mini red flowers or a simple gold rim and you have a unique and unique looking photo shoot.

Platter Rose Floral

Platter Rose Floral

By Crooksville


Blue And White Oval Platter

The blue and white oval platter is a great way to attract attention to your restaurant or restaurant setting. It comes with a great looking platter of food, and the platter is covered in a great looking blue and white mosaic. This platter is perfect for taking or leaves as its own apart from the other pieces of the platter.

Blue White Serving Platter

Our blue white serving platter is perfect for serving up your favorite dishes in aochondral style. The ceramic 4 section serving platter comes with a metal rack so your dishes will last long against the heat and bumps and nicks. The tray also has a cooldown of 30 minutes which is perfect for long spans of time. this great deviled egg platter from companys is made of white ceramic and features 2 eggs per dish! This platter is a great way to show off your companys products or to give as a gift. The dish is adjustable to provide a perfect angle for your eggs, and there are no sharp corners to get frustrated with. thisnora fleming swiss 14inch platter is a high-quality, is made of heavy-duty plastic and features a beautiful nora design. It is high-quality, durable, and sure to impress. this nordiware platter white is perfect for your steak dishes. It has a sleek design with black designs on the top and bottom. The platter has a white design and is filled with models from nordiware. The white platter has a keypad for creating orders and contains 10 items. The top item is then served with a side of butter, which is a feature not found on many platters. The platter has a hold for your steak, which makes it easy to serve. The platter has a price of $10.