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Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Platter

This 14. 5-in-scale pioneer woman vintage floral platter is perfect for the individual who loves history and/or fashion. The dish is made of14. 5-inch-thick rose-hued leather with a colorful floral design. Plus, there are stylish black and white-colorederrilla-friendly designs on the sides. The platter is also finished with a perfect 10-in-size republican-friendly dishwasher-safe cleaning cloth.

Top 10 Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Platter

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Best Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Platter

This beautiful 14. 5-inch serving platter is made of lightweight and sturdy metal, and features beautiful vintage flowers and leaves on it. It is evidence of the pioneer woman's importance in the food and grocery industry. The platter also includes some excellent vintage-themed products, such as a can of iced tea, a bowl of cereal, a cake, and a few other small dishes. This platter is a perfect addition to any kitchen, and is a great way to remember the pioneer woman you know. this 14. 5-inch serving platter is perfect for the modern soup lover or the fan of flowers. The vibrant colors and patterns are sure to please. The platter is made of durable plastic and has a weight to make it easy to lift. It is also removable for easy cleaning. 5-inch serving platter is made of vinyl and has a fresh, modern look. It's perfect for your modern kitchen or kitchen centers. The platter is also covered in flowers and patterns. 5-inch serving platter is made of recycled materials and is designed to help identify and appreciate the history and mantua of the pioneer woman. The designs and colors are vintage and reflect the era's spirit. The tray is made of silicone and is comfortable to serve with.