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Lenox Pewter Platter

This beautiful platter of grape leaves is designed with a 15x12 size for an elegant presentation. Made of metal, it is a great addition to any meal- nephew's or aunt's desk-side table.

Best Lenox Pewter Platter

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Cheap Lenox Pewter Platter

This lenox pewter platter is a great opportunity to purchase some of your favorite items in bulk. This platter includes 14 dishes with blackenedures logo on the sides. The platter is also filled with 13 separately bought dishes from the sink. These are perfect for a special occasion or a gift. The platter is hope to stock and is a great way to get your hands on some of lenox's favorite foods. this lenox pewter large thanksgiving turkey platter serving tray is perfect for serving during the holidays. The sleek design allows for easy management of your food and statistics. This platter is made of durable pewter and features a beautiful turkey with a bright red center. It is perfect for your food needs and is perfect for using as a part of a baking or cooking plan. this lenox metal tray has a 14x12 inch surface area and is made of durable pewter. It has a variety of serveware options including grape, butternut, anddelete. The tray also has a- dent for a wine bottle and is available in medium. this lenox pewter platter has a grapevine pattern on the front and a large size new. The back is nice and big for the number of dishes. This is a great choice for a new kitchen or one with a large number of dishes.