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Ironstone Platters Vintage

This is a beautiful vintage blue platter from victoria. It is large enough to hold a single egg but small enough to take into the store. The surface is in great condition and the egg is still evenly spaced around the edge. This is a wanted immediately!

vintage serving platter jg meaken ironstone

Top 10 Ironstone Platters Vintage

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Ironstone Platters Vintage Walmart

This is a great chance to buy ironstone platters - these are vintage! The tableware is transferware - that is, the dish was taken out of a book - and the pages have been removed to create a working dish. The colors arepastry blue, and the green is added by means of a green screen. The 11 34. 9 12. This is a great set of three platters from the history of the ironstone trade. They were created in the early 1800s by the independent ironstone merchants of london. The platters are from a series of three, created in 1847 by william smith, master of the horse, and are an interesting example of early 20th century design. The platters are in good condition with no damage or repairs. This is a great old time type of platter with beautiful swirls and designs on the oral red granite surface. The johnson bros. England white royal antique oval 16 inch platte is a great way to protect and banner this piece of history. The platter is made out of heavy duty plastic and has a nice feel to it. The top is made out of age-defending, machine-made leather and has a nappa leatherrower. The bottom is made out of heavy-duty plastic and has a nice, tight feeling. It is perfect for thetimeless ironstone bowl that you are trying to create a trend with. this well-made platter has round thomas bavaria white ironstone designs on the stone itself and ornaments on the inside with small wheel with "thomas" symbol on one end and "bavaria" symbol on the other. The platter has some minor surface wear but is overall good. The ornaments are of minor beauty but are still present. There is a small amount of bloodstain on one end of the ornaments.