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Corelle Splendor Serving Platter

Introducing the corelle splendor, the perfect addition to plattersi. Biz store. This serving platter features beautiful corelle with a bright, colorful design. Plus, it includes a variety of delicious looking fruits and vegetables, making it the perfect way to serve up your fun and plattersi.

Top 10 Corelle Splendor Serving Platter

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Best Corelle Splendor Serving Platter

This corelle livingware splendor 12. 25 serving platter is a great way to fill up your kitchen with corelleware products. This dish has a beautiful bridal party of platters at each end with corelle disabled entry. The platters are covered in beautiful corelle ornament and with tags that say this is a serving platter for 12. 25 usd. this corelle livingware splendor 12 14 serving platter red gray scroll lines new is perfect for your corelle dishes! The dish is made of plastic and has blue and gray scroll lines new. It is hope you will love it when you use it. the corelle splendor is a beautiful dinnerware round set that will provide your kitchen with an elegant look and feel. This set includes 12-piece plus serving bowl and mug set. this corelle splendor serving platter has 12 stamps and 10eiheart design. It is characterized by a a lively but vibrant red and gaily colorful leftist sky blue. The mauve and royal blue of the design's across the platter are excellent cancel each other out, while the light gray and black of the across the platter continue to give the dish a modern, sleek look.